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Friday, April 18, 2008

Team Philosophy

Team Philosophy
- The Jr. Majestics Gold ’95 Play Hard, Play Smart & Have Fun! Our focus is on creating players who love to play hard and by the rules. We are working to create players who want to play the game for the rest of their lives—for the “love of the game!”
Team Values
- Our team values include respecting and supporting each other on and off the field. We encourage a team attitude through which each player understands that they need their teammates in order to be successful. This includes an uncompromising dedication to sportsmanship and respect for the game and all of those involved (teammates, opposition, referees, coaches, parents).
- We strive to create an environment through which each teammate can bring their creativity to the pitch creating a beautiful collage of talented, skilled players, who play together to succeed.
Team Goals
- The goals of the Jr. Majestics Gold ’95 team include working to play a possession-type game where direct play is used as the game demands. We want each player to be a decision maker and our players to feel empowered. Empowerment gives the players the ability to make decisions as the game demands to create successful team play.
- Our hope is the Jr. Majestics Gold players will be able to self-adjust to any situation based on their knowledge of the game! Our playing principles include keeping the ball moving with a simple 1 or 2 touch passing scheme. We focus on playing the game with a beautiful rhythm, which is fun to watch and has been remarkably successful.

Interested in being part of the Jr. Majestics Gold ’95 team? Please keep in touch regarding upcoming try-outs.

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