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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Four Courage '95 Players Head to Rider Cup

The ODP Tournament, also known as Rider Cup, begins this weekend in New Jersey.  Four Courage '95 Gold players have been selected to represent Virginia against teams from the other states in US Region 1.  Region 1 extends from Maine south to West Virginia.

Emily Lung will participate with Virginia A in the U16 age group. Her team will play teams from Connecticut, Pennsylvania West, and Maryland.

Niomi Serrano will play for Virginia B in the U16 age group.  (They are a U15 team playing up for this tournament.)  Her teams will play teams from Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Eastern New York. 

Annah Lindberg and Ashley Skertic are on the U15 Virginia team. Their team will play teams from Eastern Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, and Eastern New York. 

Good luck Emily, Niomi, Annah and Ashley!!!  Go Virginia!

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